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Select a symbol list.
Several instruments are included in each bundle.

Finding the best always needs a comparison.
Compare the seasonal average performance of different indices, sectors, asset classes, commodities, currencies, or cryptos. Seasonality comparison helps you to identify the best opportunities and trades for you.

Look back: For how many trading days in the past should the seasonal intraday analysis be created?

Time span: Specification of the period for the seasonal analysis. The time is applied to each calendar year of the symbol's historical data. The Timeline Control displays two years to allow for some time over the turn of the year. The selected period must be less than one year.

Oct 9
Apr 29
Exclusion of bearish or bullish periods in the US stock market:

Exclude years:
U.S. Presidential:
Elections Post Elections Midterm Elections Pre Elections Example: To analyze the election year, exclude the other three ('Post Elections','Midterm Elections','Pre Elections') years.
2 Year Cycle:
Even Years Odd Years
Select years to exclude:
All None
Exclude months:
Exclude month days:
Exclude week days:
Weighted calculation:

This option enables a weighted annual calculation of seasonal patterns. Older data (price movements) are multiplied by a value smaller than 1 and receive a lower significance in the overall calculation. This makes it easier to identify seasonal trends that have weakened in recent years.

  • All values from the last 2.5 years: * 1.5

  • All values older than 2.5 years: * 1.35

  • All values older than 5 years: * 1.25

  • All values older than 7.5 years: * 1

  • All values older than 10 years: * 0.8

  • All values older than 12.5 years: * 0.65

  • All values older than 15 years: * 0.45

The weighted annual calculation does not have any effect on the price list or the profit and loss trades.


This instrument is for members only.

As a member you get access to all instruments.
Furthermore, as a member you have full access to our powerful Screener and Seasonality Analyses Tool.
The combination of the tools makes recurring patterns (seasonality) so valuable.

As a member you will regularly receive selected trading and investment opportunities.

Hundreds of very good entry and exit points are stored in our database.
Use our screener to take full advantage of the potential of recurring patterns.


Seasonality Chart: The chart shows the seasonal development of the instrument bundle in the selected period.

Analysis - Result Key figures:

Count positive/negative: Number of instruments that end the analysis period with a positive or negative result.

Best/Worst performance (%): The seasonal pattern's best and worst percentage development.

Count positive
Count negative
Best perf (%)
Worst perf (%)
0 %
0 %

Symbols - Performance (%):

List of individual instruments and their percentage development of the seasonal pattern.
You can perform a detailed analysis of the selected instrument using the arrow in the 'Analyse' column.

Performace (%)

Min/Max Statistic: The tab shows each instrument's best and worst performance and the corresponding year.

Performance: Percentage development of the seasonal pattern.
Gain Hit Ratio: How often has the instrument performed positively in the selected period?
Max Return: Best percentage performance of the instrument in the selected period.
Max Year: The year of the best percentage performance of the instrument in the selected period.
Min Return: Worst percentage performance of the instrument in the selected period.
Min Year: The year of the worst percentage performance of the instrument in the selected period.
Analyse: Open the Seasonality Chart Analyser with the respective instrument.

Symbol Performance Gain Hitratio Max Return Max Year Min Return Min Year Analyse
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