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Over 90% Recurring Pattern Hit Rate

When is the best time to buy or sell?
Recurring patterns provide timing & momentum! Use recurring seasonal and earnings patterns for stable profits.

Recurring Price Patterns offer Very Good Entry and Exit Points

The basic idea: If a stock always goes up by 8% on average every October, there is a very high probability that it will also go up by 8% next October.

The reality: The best recurring patterns have very individual start and end times.

Our screeners and analysis tools show you the best times to buy and sell. Finding good entry and exit points has never been easier.

Hundreds of Trade and Investment Opportunities are stored for You in our database.

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Stable & profitable Trading Results

  • Use trades with a hit rate of more than 90%

  • Less drawdowns in your portfolio

  • Recurring Price Patterns offer Very Good Entry and Exit Points

  • Hundreds of Trade and Investment Opportunities are stored for You in our database

  • Identifying trading and investment opportunities has never been easier

  • Create your own in-depth analysis

When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell?

Let our screeners find the best opportunities for you!

Identifying trading and investment opportunities has never been easier.

Hundreds of Trade and Investment Opportunities are stored for You in our database.

Combining our analysis software with our screeners unlocks the full potential of Recurring Price Patterns.

Analysis Tools for Your Success

Find recurring patterns with an hit rate of over 90%

Our screener shows you the best current entry opportunities in just one click. Hundreds of trading and investment opportunities are stored in our database.

Analysis the quality of seasonality and events

Graphs, backtests and statistics show the quality of seasonal and event patterns in different time types (Annually, Monthly, Weekly and Intraday).

Comparative analyses

Compare the seasonal pattern of different indices, sectors, asset classes, commodities, currencies, and cryptos.

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Optimize the Timing of Your Trades

Seasonal patterns show the start and end of trends with high probabilities.
Profitable time spans with an accuracy of up to 95% are not uncommon.

Take advantage of high probabilities

Profit from high win rates.
Seasonal patterns are a highly profitable trading strategy.

All markets, long or short

For stocks, ETFs, currencies (forex), commodities, bonds, and crypto, we show you the best long or short seasonal trades with the highest hit rates in all markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find profitable seasonal patterns?

Seasonality.Ai offers two ways to identify profitable seasonal patterns.

1. Seasonality Screener. The screener is a tool that identifies seasonal patterns in different markets and different time levels (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly).

2. Open the instrument of your choice and use the "Best Pattern" function. It will show you the 100 best seasonal patterns per instrument.

When do seasonal patterns work best?

There are seasonal patterns that work 100% over a more extended period. There is no guarantee that they will continue to work, but there is a high probability that they will continue to repeat.
Seasonal patterns work best when the overall trend and market sentiment match the seasonal pattern.
For example: The index should not be in a bear market for seasonal long patterns in equities. For seasonal patterns in currencies, it helps if the interest rate trend has the same direction as the seasonal pattern.

Can I analyze my portfolio?

Yes, there are various ways to analyze your equity portfolio seasonally.
1. Create a watchlist with your stocks or instruments.
You can use the watchlist in the Seasonality Screener.
The screener then searches for seasonal patterns in your portfolio.
You can also use the watchlist in the Seasonality Comparison Tool.
The comparison tool shows the seasonal patterns of all instruments in the watchlist in a chart.
2. You can save the best seasonal patterns with the favorites function.
This gives you access to the best seasonal patterns in your portfolio at any time.

Does Seasonality.Ai offer intraday analysis?

Yes, the following analysis tools analyze intraday data.

  • Seasonality Analyzer - Intraday
  • Seasonality Comparison - Intraday
  • Event Analyzer - Intraday
Intraday data is available for currencies (including cryptos), ETFs, futures, indices, and shares of the major indices.

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