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Over 90% Seasonal Pattern Hit Rate

Trade all year round with the most reliable seasonal patterns.

  • Find high hit rates
  • Optimize your timing
  • Use backtest and statistics
  • Use our seasonality screener
Seasonality improves your portfolio growth.

Seasonality finds high-value trading opportunities and optimizes investment timing.

This combination makes seasonality so valuable to traders and investors.

Seasonality and Recurring Patterns

Seasonality arises from fundamental, repetitive developments.

Seasonal patterns in the stock market result from recurring economic cycles and corporate developments. There are also excellent seasonal patterns in currencies, commodities, and the crypto universe.
Seasonality is a powerful indicator with high hit rates.

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What is a seasonal chart?

A seasonal chart combines the trend of past years into one year. A seasonality chart is a graphical representation of the patterns and trends in data that repeat over time.
A seasonal chart combined with a backtest and other statistics shows the quality, reliability, and trend of the natural development behind the seasonal pattern.
You can use seasonal analysis to your advantage when trading in the financial market.

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What is a seasonal analysis?

A seasonal analysis shows the probability of the occurrence of a recurring pattern.
Seasonal analysis is more than a simple seasonal chart. High-quality research includes detailed backtesting and other statistics and filtering options.
In practice, the presentation of relevant and meaningful data is crucial.

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seasonality chart microsoft msft

Seasonality in Stocks: Microsoft

Here is an example of a seasonal pattern in the stock of Microsoft. In October, the stock has risen an average of 11.90% over the last ten years.
Earnings are the most common reason for seasonal patterns, especially in equities.
Microsoft is just one example of many possibilities. Our database contains hundreds of grand seasonal entry and exit points.

MSFT Analyses

Seasonality in metal: Silver

Silver has a seasonally strong pattern at the end of the year (just like gold). The precious metal rises an average of 25% during this period.
The other precious metals also show strong seasonal patterns.
With our Seasonality Comparison Tool you can display the seasonal patterns of the various metals in a chart.

Silver analyses
seasonality chart silver si
seasonality chart silver si

Seasonality in currencies: GBP/USD

The seasonal pattern of the GBP/USD currency pair shows a downward trend.
Our Seasonality analyzer automatically detects the downtrend and calculates the backtest with short trades.
The currency generates an average return of 2.89% for the selected period.
Our screener shows you the best seasonal patterns for currencies and cryptos.

GBP/USD Analyses

What is a seasonal screener?

The Seasonality Screener shows you the best recurring trends for Stocks, ETFs, Currencies (Forex), Cryptos, Commodities, and Futures. You can find profitable times to trade and invest with just a few clicks.
Our database contains hundreds of grand entry and exit points.
The Seasonality Screener is part of our Seasonal Essentials program, which includes two other powerful tools for analysing recurring price patterns.

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seasonality screening ai powered

What is a seasonal comparison?

Finding the best always needs a comparison. Comparison is an integral part of any analysis process.
Our unique tools help you compare quality trades and investments. A comparison makes it easier to identify the best trade from different instruments.
Compare the seasonal performance of various indices, sectors, commodities, financial futures, currencies, and cryptos.

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Deep-dive Seasonality Analysis Tools

With our tools, you can create a seasonal chart, backtests, and statistics for every instrument.
Our screeners find the most stable seasonal patterns for your trading.

Our Screeners

A screener is the most effective way to find new, highly profitable trades.

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