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Use the dividend
payment days profitably!

Find and analyse recurring price movements on ex-dividend days.

Over 90% Dividends Pattern Hit Rate

Analyze price movements

  1. Simply define the entry and exit of the backtest
  2. Receive a backtest that shows you the hit rate and other key performance indicators and statistics
  3. Events from the past are more likely to repeat themselves
  4. The Dividends Screener finds the best trading opportunities for you

Use the dividend days profitably!

We are delighted to introduce you to the new Dividends Analyzer, equipped with features that will significantly enhance your trading and stock market analysis. Similarly, the Dividend Screener offers fast and easy to help you identify the best price movements connected to the ex-dividend day.

The Dividend Analyzer, a product we are proud to introduce, was developed based on a valuable suggestion from one of our esteemed customers. Your input has been instrumental in shaping this tool, and we sincerely appreciate your contribution. We invite everyone to continue sharing their ideas and suggestions for further enhancements.

Like the Earnings Analyser, the Dividend Analyser specializes in analyzing the price movement of shares before and after the ex-dividend date.


Dividends are an important factor in investors' annual return on many shares. For this reason, it is not surprising that investor behavior around dividend payments repeats itself. Good dividend stocks are often bought before the dividend payments and perhaps sold again after the dividend payments.

This recurring behavior of investors can be used for your trading!

For example, you can use the Dividend Analyzer to identify stocks that are likely to increase in price before the ex-dividend date, and then sell them after the dividend payments to make a profit.

How does it work?

The main chart shows the ex-dividend day of the last ten dividend payments in the middle. The white line is the average share price movement 40 days before and 40 days after the ex-dividend day.

You can define the period for a backtest using drag and drop. The backtest, a reliable indicator of future performance, shows you the quality of the price movements.
If the backtest has a high hit rate and good returns, there is a high probability that this behavior will be repeated in the future. And this probability is a great advantage in trading, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Microsoft analysis

Microsoft's example clearly shows that the second quarter brings better price increases than the other quarters.

When used with the Dividend Screener, this insight can help you make profitable trades.

MSFT dividends Quarterly Price Development

The Dividend Screener has identified the first ten days after the ex-dividend day as the best period for trading Microsoft.

MSFT dividends Quarterly Price Development

The backtest shows a hit rate of 100 percent and an average ten percent profit.

MSFT dividends Quarterly Price Development

Qualcomm analysis

The chart shows that Qualcom's share price rose sharply during the last few events in the second quarter.

Qualcomm dividends Quarterly Price Development

If you analyze the five days before the ex-dividend day in the second quarter, you get a hit rate of 90% over the last ten years.

Qualcomm dividends Quarterly Price Development

The backtest shows only a slight loss of -0.58% in 2015.

Qualcomm dividends Quarterly Price Development

Visa analysis

The quarterly view shows that the share price increased significantly in the first quarter before the dividend.

Visa Dividends Quarterly Price Development

We analyze the five days before the ex-dividend day.
The analysis of the first quarter shows a 90% hit rate of rising share prices over the last ten years.

Visa Dividends Quarterly Price Development

The backtest shows an excellent performance.

Visa Dividends Quarterly Price Development

Allianz SE Insurance analysis: Ex-dividend day

In theory, on the ex-dividend day, a share price loses the exact percentage value it has paid shareholders as a dividend. To examine this theory, we will analyze Allianz SE.

Allianz SE is a company from Germany. In Germany, the dividend is only paid once a year. This means that, in contrast to American companies, a relatively large dividend is paid out in one day.

We analyze the share price performance on the ex-dividend day.

Allianz Dividends Quarterly Price Development

The analysis of the last ten years shows nicely how the share price of Allianz SE falls on the ex-dividend day.

The backtest also shows impressively how strongly the dividend payment affects the share price performance on the ex-dividend day.

Allianz Dividends Quarterly Price Development

This effect can also be observed in companies that pay dividends several times yearly. However, it is usually less significant and has lower stability and backtest hit rates.

Find the best recurring price developments.

The Dividend Analyzer allows you to analyze a single share with just a few clicks. But which stocks offer the best recurring price developments concerning dividend payments?

The Dividend Screener looks for the best recurring price developments. Numerous filter options are available to customize the search results according to your needs.

Dividend Screener

Trading dividends profitably

Use the Dividend Essentials program to improve your trading performance. This program, when used in conjunction with other tools, can provide a comprehensive trading strategy that takes into account both dividend patterns and other market trends.

There are many lucrative price patterns in connection with companies' dividend payments.

With our Dividend Screener, you can find the best recurring patterns on ex-dividend dates with just a few clicks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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