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Optimize Your Success
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Portfolio Strategy Builder!

Combine, Test and Perfect Your seasonal trading strategies for Maximum Profits.

Define the potential!

  1. Plan the portfolio composition
  2. Define multiple seasonal strategies in one portfolio
  3. Which trades fit together and allow your portfolio to grow
  4. Receive a backtest that shows you the hit rate and other key performance indicators and statistics
  5. Optimize Your Trading with comprehensive Strategy Backtests

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Use the Portfolio Strategy Builder!

Seasonal trades are a very effective way to grow your portfolio. The next level is to line up the best seasonal trades so that your portfolio is permanently and optimally utilized to make your capital work most effectively for you. With the Portfolio Strategy Builder, you can create multiple seasonal patterns for your portfolio development.

Have you always wanted to know which seasonal strategies complement each other perfectly and help you to utilize your portfolio profitably throughout the year? Put together your personalized portfolio.

Unlock the full potential of your investment portfolio with our advanced Portfolio Strategy Builder. This unique tool, designed for both novice and experienced traders, allows you to test multiple seasonal strategies simultaneously, providing comprehensive performance insights. With its flexible strategy integration, dynamic and fixed weighting options, and detailed backtest analysis, you can make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio for maximum growth. Start enhancing your trading strategies today and achieve your financial goals with the Portfolio Strategy Builder.

Ready to elevate your trading depot? Discover more about the Portfolio Strategy Builder now!

Portfolio Strategy Builder

Optimize Your Trading Strategies with the Portfolio Strategy Builder.

Welcome to the Portfolio Strategy Builder, your indispensable tool for optimizing and evaluating seasonal trading strategies. This advanced tool enables you to test multiple strategies simultaneously, comprehensively analyzing a simulated portfolio composed of various strategies.

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Advantages of the Portfolio Strategy Builder

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  1. Holistic Performance Analysis: The Portfolio Strategy Builder displays the performance of your simulated portfolio in detail. You gain deep insights into your portfolio's quality, efficiency, and trading utilization by utilizing individual charts and key metrics.

  2. Simple Structure and User Guidance: The tool is divided into two main sections. The upper section defines seasonal strategies, while the lower section shows the results of the portfolio backtest. This clear structure simplifies the handling and optimization of your plan.

  3. Flexible Strategy Integration: You can add seasonal strategies to your portfolio in two ways:
    • Through the Seasonality Analyser, you can perform a seasonal backtest of an instrument and directly add the analysis to your portfolio.
    • Directly in the Portfolio Strategy Builder by adding instruments via the "Add instrument to portfolio" field and adjusting settings such as period and historical data.

  4. Dynamic and Fixed Weighting: The tool offers flexible weighting options for your strategies. Dynamic weighting calculates the weight based on the number of overlapping strategies, while fixed weighting allows you to set a specific weight according to your requirements.

  5. Comprehensive Backtest Analysis: After adding all desired strategies, you can perform a backtest. The results are displayed in various tabs, offering detailed analyses and key figures.

  6. In-Depth Insights and Optimization Opportunities: Analysis results are presented in clear charts and tables:
    • The Overview tab shows the percentage increases in individual trades.
    • The Backtest tab presents the overall portfolio performance and individual trades.
    • The Statistics tab provides KPIs for each strategy, including win rate, Sortino ratio, drawdown, and profitability.
    • The Trades tab offers detailed information on all trades executed in the backtest, including dynamic weightings.

How to Use the Portfolio Strategy Builder

  1. Create a New Portfolio: Click the 'New' button to create a new portfolio.

  2. Add Seasonal Strategies: Integrate strategies via the Seasonality Analyser, the Seasonality Screener or directly into the Portfolio Strategy Builder.

  3. Start the Backtest: Conduct a backtest to see how your strategies perform together.

  4. Analyze and Optimize: Use the detailed results and analyses to optimize your portfolio and make informed trading decisions.

portfolio strategy builder usage
The Portfolio Strategy Builder is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their seasonal trading strategies. Its user-friendly structure, flexible weighting options, and in-depth analysis capabilities provide everything you need to maximize your portfolio's performance and make well-informed trading decisions. By leveraging the capabilities of the Portfolio Strategy Builder, you can significantly enhance the growth potential of your investment portfolio.

Why the Portfolio Strategy Builder Optimizes Portfolio Growth

The Portfolio Strategy Builder is an exceptional tool designed to enhance the growth and performance of your investment portfolio. Here are the key advantages that make it a vital instrument for portfolio optimization:
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portfolio strategy builder main substrategies
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  1. Comprehensive Strategy Testing: The Portfolio Strategy Builder allows you to test multiple seasonal strategies simultaneously. You can identify the most effective combinations by analyzing how different strategies interact and perform together, leading to optimized portfolio growth.

  2. Detailed Performance Insights: Our robust performance analysis capabilities provide you with detailed information through individual charts and key figures. This thorough assessment of each strategy's quality, efficiency, and utilization within your portfolio empowers you to make well-informed decisions, ensuring that only the best-performing strategies are implemented.

  3. Flexible Strategy Integration: Our tool offers you the flexibility to integrate strategies into your portfolio in a way that suits your unique needs. Whether you prefer to add strategies via the Seasonality Analyser or directly in the Portfolio Strategy Builder, you can easily customize and adjust your portfolio to align with your investment goals.

  4. Dynamic and Fixed Weighting Options: The Portfolio Strategy Builder provides dynamic and fixed weighting options, enabling you to allocate resources effectively. Dynamic weighting automatically adjusts based on overlapping strategies, while fixed weighting lets you define specific percentages. This adaptability helps in maximizing returns by efficiently distributing capital.

  5. Enhanced Decision-Making: Our tool equips you with the necessary data to make confident, informed decisions. By presenting detailed backtest results in various tabs, including overview, backtest, statistics, and trades, you can understand your strategies' historical performance and key metrics, empowering you to optimize your portfolio for future growth.

  6. Risk Management: The tool's in-depth analysis includes important risk metrics such as drawdown and Sortino ratio. By evaluating these metrics, you can manage and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring that your portfolio growth is sustainable and resilient against market volatility.

  7. Continuous Optimization: The Portfolio Strategy Builder facilitates continuous portfolio improvement. Regular backtesting and analysis enable you to refine your strategies, discard underperforming ones, and adopt new, more promising strategies. This iterative process is crucial for long-term portfolio growth.

  8. User-Friendly Interface: The Portfolio Strategy Builder's clear and intuitive interface simplifies strategy definition, integration, and analysis. Even complex strategies and data are presented easily, allowing you to focus on optimizing your portfolio.

In summary, the Portfolio Strategy Builder is a powerful tool for optimizing portfolio growth. Its ability to test and analyze multiple strategies, provide detailed performance insights, offer flexible integration and weighting options, enhance decision-making, manage risks, and support continuous optimization makes it indispensable for any serious investor. By leveraging the capabilities of the Portfolio Strategy Builder, you can significantly enhance the growth potential of your investment portfolio.

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