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Seasonality Studies and Books

Seasonality is the most underestimated stock market indicator among private investors.

Seasonality is well known from weather, tourism, and consumer behavior in retail, agriculture, or financial markets.

In professional studies analyzing stock, commodity, and foreign exchange market trends, researchers have examined seasonal patterns in detail.

Numerous studies have shown that seasonal patterns occur in price increases and volatility, which helps investors profitably use this behavior in their trading strategies.

Seasonality & Private Investors

But, seasonality is the most underestimated stock market indicator among private investors. Why is that? The answer is simple: You need a professional analysis platform to find and verify the seasonal patterns. For institutional investors, there are numerous but also very costly platforms. With our website, we want to allow everyone to use seasonal patterns profitably.

Seasonality indicator

But is Seasonality an excellent indicator for making gains in the stock market?

The following reasons and studies show how to use seasonality to grow your portfolio.

  • Historical patterns: Markets often exhibit recurring seasonal patterns that repeat themselves over the years. This allows investors to make predictions for the future based on data from the past.
  • Understanding demand: Seasonality often reflects changes in demand for specific products or services. This can happen due to holidays, weather conditions, or other factors. By understanding these fluctuations, investors can invest in industries likely to perform better during specific periods.
  • Risk mitigation: When investors identify seasonal trends, they can adjust their portfolios accordingly. This can help minimize losses in times of predictable weakness and maximize gains in times of expected strength.
  • Trading strategies: Seasonal patterns allow for the developing of specific trading strategies, such as the timing of entries and exits into the market. Investors can benefit from these patterns by taking targeted positions.
  • Diversification: Understanding seasonal trends across industries and asset classes allows investors to diversify their portfolios and spread risk, creating a solid foundation for long-term gains.

Seasonality studies

The following studies are an excerpt from the seasonal analysis we consider for our platform and trading activities. The list shows several studies on seasonality in the stock markets. The studies analyze trends over months, days to weekdays.

And the best, with our Seasonality Analyzer, you can perform these analyses on your own.

  • Several hundred search results for seasonal studies on
  • Seasonality in the Cross Section of Stock Returns: The International Evidence
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    Published By: Cambridge University Press
  • Stock Market Seasonality: International Evidence
    from: Mustafa N.Gultekin N.Bulent Gultekin on
  • Several seasonal studies from Marshall Nickles,
    from: Mustafa N.Gultekin N.Bulent Gultekin EdD on Business School
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Seasonality books

If you want to delve deeper into the topic, you can find several books on Amazon.

Book Title


Seasonal Stock Market Trends: The Definitive Guide to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading


The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles: How to Take Advantage of Time-Proven Market Patterns


Mastering the Stock Market


The Profitable Truth About Seasonality: Breaking Trading Myths that Cost You Money


Ultra-Reliable Seasonal Trades


Seasonality Revisited: The Use of Irregular Seasonality in Quantitative Time Series Analysis and Forecasting


The Harriman Stock Market Almanac 2018: A Handbook of Seasonality Analysis and studies of market anomalies to give investors an edge throughout the year


Commodity Spread Trading - Take Advantage of the Seasonality: Volume 1 - Learn Spread Trading, the Best Way to Trade Commodity Futures; Book for Experienced Traders and Beginners.


Seasonality: Systems, Strategies, and Signals


Seasonal Concepts in Futures Trading: Turning Seasonality into Profits



Seasonality affects almost all areas of finance.

Numerous studies show that recurring price patterns occur in various financial areas. From good experience, there are even more seasonal patterns than described in the studies. Individual stocks offer high-quality recurring patterns.

With our platform, you can profitably use seasonal patterns to grow your portfolio.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us.