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Seasonality.Ai - Intraday Analyses - New Features

Better trading decisions thanks to Seasonality and advantage through technology.


We are pleased to provide you with a new and valuable feature on that will improve your profitability by helping you simplify your search for and compare seasonal patterns.

Our platform is specialised in identifying and analyzing seasonal patterns. This includes regularly re-evaluating our tools and providing improvements.

Intraday Seasonality

Intraday statistics and intraday seasonality are essential tools for managing positions in a time-optimized way.

For day traders, analysis of intraday data is critical. Statistics and recurring price patterns can significantly improve profitability.

Traders and active investors also use intraday trading to optimize entry and exit.

Markets and Instruments

We offer intraday analysis for the following markets and instruments.

Indexes, currencies, futures, crytos, and stocks from fundamental indices: SP500, Nasday 100, TSX, DAX. You can apply the analysis to over 700 instruments.


With our Seasonal Intraday Analysis, we offer you different data. From charts to statistics, you will find details in each analysis. You can apply the analysis to over 700 instruments.

Seasonal pattern

We offer two seasonal patterns. By specifying "Analysis: x Trading days" you can specify the period's history to be analyzed.

The first chart shows the seasonal pattern of all analyzed days.

The second chart shows the seasonal pattern every week. For this purpose, the individual days of the week are analyzed.


The statistics show you the development of the time series for hours, weekdays, and monthdays.

The hourly statistics show you an evaluation of the best and worst hours of the analyzed period.

We are happy to continue optimizing our platform for the greatest possible added value.

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