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Weekly Seasonality Outlook: 03 March 2024

Sp500 with and without Covid history. And an interesting development in the Gaz Future.  Take a look at the last section.

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Seasonal Market Outlook

The market overview shows current trends, developments, and prospects of seasonal patterns in various asset classes.


Major Indices

Let's take a look at the major indices.

Seasonal Outlook: Indices

The seasonal patterns of the major indices for the next 30 trading days.

The same data without 2020 (Covid year)

The seasonal trend of the SP500 (without Covid).

Election Seasonal Outlook (Post, Mid, Pre, Election): Indices

Let's take a look at the indices in the current election year.

SPY (10 years)

Seasonal Intraday Outlook: Indices

Let's take a look at the 10-day intraday seasonality.


Here is the same chart with the U.S. indices.

FANG Stocks and more

Let's take a look at the extensive MarketCap stocks.

Seasonal Intraday Outlook: FANG and more

The seasonal 10-day patterns for the big MarketCaps.

With our watchlist feature, you can create and analyze your own instrument lists.

U.S. Sectors

Let's take a look at the U.S. sectors.

Seasonal Outlook: Sectors

U.S. sectors show a positive seasonal pattern for the next 30 days.

The same chart without 2020 (Covid year)

Seasonal Intraday Outlook: Sectors

The seasonal 10-day patterns for the U.S. sectors.


Let's take a look at the currencies.

Seasonal Outlook: Currencies

The 30-trading day seasonality for FX.


Seasonal Intraday Outlook: Currencies

The 10-day seasonal trend for currency forwards.


Let's take a look at crypto.

Seasonal Outlook: Crypto

The seasonal pattern for the next 30 trading days for the major cryptocurrencies shows a positive picture.


Seasonal Intraday Outlook: Crypto

The seasonal 10-day trend for cryptocurrencies.



Let's take a look at the commodities.

Seasonal Outlook: Commodities

The commodities' seasonal pattern for the next 30 trading days.


Seasonal Intraday Outlook: Commodities

The seasonal 10-day intraday pattern.


Interesting seasonal pattern

What are the opportunities based on seasonal solid patterns?

The gas price is developing very similarly to the seasonal pattern this year and the next very interesting seasonal pattern will start in mid-March.

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